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1 Year Doula Mentorship with Morag Hastings


Getting started in the doula industry can be daunting, especially if you're on your own. That's why my one-year mentorship program is designed to give doulas the support they need to succeed. Together, we'll work to create a plan tailored to your needs as a doula. From navigating client relationships and building your client base, to developing your skills and techniques, I'm here to help you every step of the way along with our community of working doulas. 

Who is Morag Hastings

I am Morag Hastings, a professional doula and birth photographer mentor based in Vancouver BC, Canada. For over 10 years I ran a busy doula practice serving over 40 clients a year. I currently own and run, Birth By Bloom, which hosts multiple childbirth classes in the Lower Mainland and offers events like Speed Dating with Doulas.


As the owner and operator of Apple Blossom Families, a doula and birth photography practice, my images and educational articles were shared all around the world with my very successful social media pages. My posts were viewed and shared by many including Ina May Gaskin, George Takei and have been published all around the world on many websites and in print. In 2016 I won the International Birth Photography competition for best Labour image of the year.  Early in my career I co-founded the Canadian Birth Photographers Association, creating a supportive environment for birth photographers across Canada. I have always had a passion for community and education.


Since 2016, I have been mentoring doulas and birth photographers to ensure they have the support and knowledge to excel in their careers. I have the experience, expertise and connections to help those starting out looking to improve their businesses. The mentorship platform helps doulas in real-time who want to grow their business, while receiving quality education, support, and invaluable shared experience. Most of the doulas who leave our program have successful birth businesses and great confidence in the work they do. 


"Morag’s mentorship is 100% worth it. Morag’s support has helped me to find ways to be more bold, clear, and confident in running my business, working with clients, and navigating interactions in our medical system. I no longer feel alone or overwhelmed by how to actually do this work. Morag meets regularly with the new doulas over zoom to talk about the pressing questions we all have, and also has a huge recorded database of wisdom from previous talks. It’s like having access to the best birth podcast I could ask for. I now know how to talk to families prenatally so that when I am at the birth I can trust that my clients have the information they need to make informed choices. After a tough birth I know I can always talk to Morag and to other doulas in the mentorship for a debrief and reflective learning. The list of amazing benefits goes on. If you think this might be for you reach out, you won’t regret it." Olivia 


What does doula mentorship include?
  • Support with the interview process, client management and general doula business support. I will look at your marketing materials and client process and ensure you are set up to run your business efficiently and successfully.


  • Mentorship will include real-time support with clients; prenatally, through birth and beyond. Having access to an experienced doula during and after your first few births is invaluable.


  • Working with Birth by Bloom also means client referrals. These will be based on availability and require a successful interview, in which the client chooses to hire you. brings in many online referrals with a high ranking on search engine results. Many care providers and community members directly refer to Birth By Bloom for doula services. If you are outside of the Lower Mainland you have an option to opt-out of the referral portion of the mentorship.


  • Community! We have a fantastic group of doulas who support each other. Client referrals, back up options and resources. We have an active chat group with doulas who are currently working and taking clients in the Lower Mainland. Our team is supportive and dynamic. Having a birth worker family changes the way you do this work. 

  • Your mentorship will include other benefits such as weekly group meetings, online portal of resources, recordings of live prenatal visits for several types of births, contracts, outlines and structures to run your business. Taxes, invoicing, client notes we will help you make sure your business is running well so you can spend less time at your desk! You will also have the option to upgrade your skills and receive a birth photography mentorship or become a childbirth class instructor if you decide to offer this service in the future. (Additional fees and equipment will be required.) 

"This has been such a valuable part of my journey into becoming a successful, fully booked birth doula and photographer. Morag is truly there for you anytime. If you’re looking for someone to help you make this work possible, learn about supporting physiological birth and navigating the system this is your best chance! Can not say enough good things about it " Martha 
What is the cost of the Mentorship?

There is no upfront fee for the doula mentorship. There is a fee split with the first 10 paid clients you book into care or you can pay a monthly fee if you are not using the referral service. You get paid while learning! A win for everyone.

Fill out this form to apply or email the answers to

Mentorship Application

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