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Third Boy Home Birth in Surrey

I love getting asked back to my clients second and third births. I wonder if I will be asked to attend a fourth sometime. This client, who feels more like a friend at this point, was pregnant with her third boy. I attended her last birth a birth where she wanted a water birth but ended up having her baby between the wall and the pool, which of course was a big disappointment! So this time armed with her birth team; her mom, two best friends (one who was eight months pregnant and one who had a three month old), her husband, two midwives, her son and myself, we made sure she got into her pool to give birth this time.

This birth had lots of on and off again starts so my client decided to tip things over the edge by drinking a castor oil cocktail. It seemed to do the trick…

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-31 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-47 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-60 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-101 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-110 copy

Not sure about the floating placenta.

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-136 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-140 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-144 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-154 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-152 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-147 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-151 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-161 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-209 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-225 copy copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-221 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-227 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-218 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-181 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-177 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-186 copy

AppleBlossomFamilies2015-175 copy
AppleBlossomFamilies2015-179 copy

Welcome to the world little guy.

All images by Morag Hastings with Apple Blossom Families.

A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.

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