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Home Water Birth

I get invited into one of the most private and special times in a families life. I am always in awe in how beautiful the process of birth is. The strength, the connection, the power of nature, it is amazingly beautiful and so powerful. These images are a perfect example of why birth is a journey and process that is different for each family and baby!

Partner support in labour
Labouring in water - Birth Photographer
Midwife Vancouver
Labour midwife

Dad helping with pushing….

Vancouver birth

The moment when you know you did it.

Born in water birth photography
Home water birth Vancouver photographer
New baby
Vancouver Doula Apple Blossom Families- Vancouver Birth Photographer Morag Hastings

To read another inspiring home birth story here.

Morag Hastings is a Doula and Birth Photographer located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Come check out more of her work on her facebook page at or feel free to email me at

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