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Finding a Midwifery Care in Vancouver, Canada

You found out you are pregnant and now you should look for a maternity medical care provider in Vancouver. Living in a booming city means we have lots of care provider choices - if there is space. We have an article outlining what types of medical care providers you can use for your pregnancy and birth that are covered by MSP which includes midwives, family doctors and OB's.

The top choice for maternal health care for normal healthy pregnancies is with Community Midwives. The main reasons people choose midwifery care for their pregnancies is because midwives offer longer visits, smaller teams and in home postpartum visits. They also specialize in physiological birth so they have lower rates of interventions.

Find a Midwife in Vancouver

How to find a Midwife in Vancouver?

Midwives book up fast! If you are planning to get pregnant in Vancouver you will want to put an intake form with a few of the clinics in as soon as you get pregnant.

Here are the intake forms for Community Midwives in Vancouver. We are still working on a list for midwives outside of Vancouver, stay tuned.

If you are unable to get in with a midwifery care, get on the clinics waitlist. Spots will open up. You can also put your application in again at different points in your pregnancy.

Vancouver Midwifery Care Provider

What if I can't book into midwifery care?

If you don't have luck with finding a midwife in Vancouver we have a range of doulas who would be available to support your family. They are not medical providers; they support families with the care and information they need to have a supported birth experience. Here is a blog post about our doulas and the services they provide. You can request a 30 minute free doula consultation by filling out this form.

If you have an OB you can apply to have a Postpartum Midwife. They will care for you and your baby for 6 weeks postpartum. You can either self refer or get your OB to fax in a referral. Here are some of the midwives offering only Postpartum Midwifery services in the Lower Mainland.

If you still need help finding a medical care provider you can follow these links for more options.

Reach out to us if you have any questions


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