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Twin Boy and Girl Born at BC Woman's

Last night I attended the wonderful birth of these two little people. Twin 'A', a baby girl, was caught by her dad. Soon after Twin 'B' was born, a healthy baby boy who came into this world with much excitement. Welcome to the world you two.

Twin 'A' soon after she was born having her newborn check.

Twin 'B' getting checked over by the paediatrician before he get's some skin to skin with his mom.

Baby 'A' snuggled on her mama after her first feed.

Baby 'B' super sleepy snuggled up on his mom. Look at those lips!

To read another inspiring home birth story here.


Morag Hastings is a Doula and Birth Photographer located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Come check out more of her work on her facebook page at or feel free to email me at

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