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VBAC Home Birth Transfer

I connected with this wonderful dedicated family earlier this year. Their goal was to have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). They decided they were going to relocate to our city right before their due date so they could have care providers that believed and supported VBAC’s. She wanted a homebirth which she felt would give her the best odds of dilating to 10 cm.

Throughout her pregnancy she also made choices to help better her odds of a vaginal birth. Her first baby was over 10lbs, so with this pregnancy she ate healthy and cut down on sugar, resulting in a baby which was 2.5 lbs smaller! She also choose to bump her due date a week ahead so she would not have the pressure to induce. Her first baby was induced at 42 weeks which resulted in an emergency caesarean after only 3 hours of labour. (Inspired by Birth Without Fear website.) (This baby was born 16 days past her actual due date. The medical staff thought it was 9 days.)

A few days before (her real) 42 weeks of pregnancy labour started. It was strong waves that went on through the night. By morning they drifted away. This went on for 3 or 4 nights (after awhile it was all a blur.) This mama had a goal in mind, it was that she was going to birth her baby out her vagina. So she rested, ate, walked, did acupuncture, rested some more, rebozoed, trusted, we did the miles circuit, side lying hip release, and lots of conversations about normal labour patterns. At points the pain in her back was so bad she wasn’t sure if it was all worth it. During this week of intense patience and deep pain this mama kept going and going. On the 4th night she decided it was time to get it to the next phase, so she did the cocktail, under her midwives guidance. We are not sure if it worked or if her body went into labour on it’s own but active labour started. Into the evening the waves came. Without the back pain this mama would exclaim it doesn’t even hurt it is more just pressure. We filled her birth pool where she rocked back and forth taking each wave with grace and love. But then it changed. Like a flip of a hat it was all in her back. The pain was more then she could take on. We tried to get the baby out of her back but it wouldn’t budge. So she grabbed her pillow, phone and deodorant and told us all she was going to the hospital with or without us. (See picture below.)

She arrived at the hospital at 5 cm. She got the epidural and waited for her body to do it’s thing. Her midwives stayed by her side the entire time. When the contractions would slow they would use the breast pump to bring them back. They were dedicated to help her achieve her goal of a VBAC.

She got to 10 cm and started to push. She pushed for 3 hours, which is longer then the recommended- 2 hours for a VBAC. The OB did a consult where she suggested that forceps would be the best option to get her baby out. Once in the OR the OB confirmed her baby was fully OP or sunny side up. She tried to turn the baby but it wouldn’t budge. The room went silent. The OB looked up at my client and said “I don’t think I can get your baby out because she is face up, so we will have to have a caesarean.” My client looked her straight in the eye and said “get this baby out of my vagina.” ( A moment I will never forget.) The OB said OK well I can try just pulling her straight out sunny side up as long as you know the risks. The mom agreed, and with that, her daughter was born out her vagina just minutes later and placed on her chest. It was beautiful, powerful and healing. Probably one of the most moving experience of my life to witness.

Here is their story…


Night 2 walking and walking all through the night.


Night 3 we went to the hospital because the back pain was too much. She tried the sterile water injections which she did not like very much. But they did seem to help. She got some medication and went back home to sleep.


At home just before the cocktail and before her active labour kicked in.


The goal through out the week was to get into her birth tub and she did it.


She was going to the hospital with or without us. Pillow, deodorant and phone. Ha ha.


This guy fills my heart with the happiest thoughts. He went through every contraction with his wife without ever giving up on the goal. When she would loose hope he would scoop her back up and carry her forward.


Time to push!


Oh the power.


Into the OR to meet her baby.


The midwife wanted this just as bad as her client did.


My baby!




I can’t wait for baby number 3 and 4. I suspect a homebirth is in the plans. 🙂

images by Morag Hastings Apple Blossom Families.

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