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Doula's Home Birth

It is pretty special when you get to photograph a fellow doula’s birth. What a beautiful relationship this family has and what a wonderful way to bring their second son into the world. I was so lucky to get to be at their birth and we are all so lucky she is sharing her beautiful images. Enjoy and be inspired.

From the birthing mother;

Labour played mind tricks on me, with many false starts for two weeks. Every evening, I would have strong Braxton-hicks contractions and I would think that labour was going to start. Morag probably got tired of receiving my texts! Two nights before my due date, I started feeling contractions at around 10pm, and I thought it was going to be another false alarm but the contractions became regular! I tried to sleep, but that was not going to happen since the pressure on my hips was intensifying so much. I texted my wonderful labour team and by around midnight everyone was at my apartment. I had intense pressure on my hips and on my perineum with each contraction. The only position that felt “comfortable” for me was a lunge/squat beside my bed. When my water released I felt an immense sense of relief in pressure to my perineum. I got a short break from contractions and with the next contraction, I felt an intense urge to push. With one big push while squatting, I felt my baby’s head crowning. It was an extraordinary feeling to be able to use my own hands to deliver my baby but knowing that my midwives were right there assisting me and ensuring everything was ok with the baby.

As a health care professional (RN; doula), some of my colleagues question my decision to have home births. I have to say that my experiences have been wonderful! I felt so safe, supported, loved and cared for. With a strong and supportive team (doula, midwives, Morag, my mom and my husband), I felt like I could trust my body and trust the birthing process. My home births were unique in their own ways and were both amazing. The best part was seeing my first son meet his little brother. He was so excited and kept yelling “The baby is here!”, my heart was filled with Joy!

Thank you Morag for documenting such a precious moment of our lives!

Vancouver Birth Photographer Apple Blossom Families

This little guy woke up just as his brother was born in the next room. He was all smiles.

Vancouver Birth Photographer Apple Blossom Families

All images by Morag Hastings with Apple Blossom Families.

A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.

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