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Vancouver Home Birth List

Birth by Bloom Prenatal Classes in Vancouver support every type of birth. If you are choosing to birth in the hospital, at home or you are unsure, we have a list for you. Now you can focus on other fun things, like what you are going to have on hand for your new baby. Yes, we made a list of what you will need for your newborn as well. Here is the link to that post.

Vancouver Home Birth Preparation

What to Have at Home - Home or Hospital birth

You will probably spend some time at home in early labour. Here is a list of things that are handy to have on hand for your early labour. Get a basket, fill it up so your support team can find what they need.

❏ Physio Ball with a flat sheet tied around it so it doesn’t roll

❏ Lovely massage oil (lavender, orange oil, peppermint oil are the favourites)

❏ TENS machine

❏ A light blanket that can be washed

❏ Extra towels that can get stained

❏ Clean/new face cloths

❏ 2 Metal or plastic bowls

❏ Plastic table cloth or waterproof drop sheet

❏ BENDY STRAW - Not metal!!!!!

❏ A large pack of extra-large overnight pads (not “dry weave”)

❏ Box of panty liners

❏ Baby wipes

❏ Nipple Cream - Lansinoh

❏ Mother’s Milk tea

❏ Witch hazel & cotton balls (soothes & shrinks hemorrhoids)

Home Birth Supplies

❏ Hot water bottle or heating pad

❏ Ice chips, ice cubes or Popsicles

❏ Acetaminophen (Tylenol or generic brand acetaminophen), 50 Ibuprofen (Advil,

Motrin or generic brand ibuprofen), 200 mg tablets, Dimenhydrinate (Gravol or

generic brand anti-nauseant), 50 mg tablets

❏ Digital thermometer

❏ Large, sturdy tray (e.g., cookie sheet)

❏ Two large garbage bags for laundry and garbage

❏ Large, zippered plastic freezer bag for placenta

❏ Mirror- for watching the birth

❏ Fish Net- for the birthing tub to catch floaties

❏ Grounded (three-prong) extension cord or power bar

❏ 6 flannel receiving blankets (these get messy, so not the expensive ones)

❏ Plastic covering for the bed - dollar store table cloth works

❏ 1 fitted sheet–ok to get stained

❏ 6-8 large towels

❏ 2 hand towels

❏ 3 face cloths

First Meal

Think about what meal you would like to eat after your baby is born. Have on hand something nutritious and delicious your birth team can pop in the oven or whip up for you when you are in bed nursing your baby. Make sure someone sets the timer!

Oh, I almost forgot! You might want a doula as well. We have a great article explaining how helpful a doula can be to support your birth before, during and after your labour. You can find the article here.


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