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Why Doulas Are The Best Investment

By this point in your pregnancy, you've likely come across information about doulas. A doula is an individual who is privately hired by a family to offer emotional, educational, and physical support. You might be questioning the necessity of having an additional person present during your birth. Are doulas truly beneficial and how much do they cost? Is it necessary to have a doula if you already have a midwife? These are all great questions hopefully we can answer some of them.

Birth Doula Vancouver

When you are having your baby you will be surrounded by your partner, nurses, and your primary care provider. While it may feel crowded during the birthing process, having a doula can create a more intimate atmosphere. Your medical team will be focused on clinical tasks, while the doula will attend to your comfort needs, such as providing cold face cloths, adjusting lighting, filling water bottles, and offering physical support. Doulas do not perform medical procedures; their role is solely to enhance your birthing experience. Many individuals express gratitude for the support of a doula during childbirth, often wondering how others manage without one or appreciating the extra assistance during such a significant event.

Many studies have proven that doulas reduce the need for medical interventions. This equals fewer cesarean sections, fewer instrument deliveries and less need for pain medication. Most of all, they help with positive birth experiences for the birthing person and support people.

How to find a birth doula in Vancouver

Do I have to pay for a doula?

The expense of hiring a doula is typically out-of-pocket unless your health insurance plan offers reimbursement. Costs can vary between $800 and $2500 based on the doula's experience and services provided. Doulas are not covered by MSP as they are hired to support you during childbirth. Their presence can significantly impact your birth experience and provide essential support to both you and your partner. Doulas often establish a relationship with your family during pregnancy through several meetings to understand your preferences and needs for the birth. Despite the cost, the value of having a doula is truly priceless.

Get doula support in vancouver

Even if you have completed a fantastic prenatal course like Birth By Bloom, it's unrealistic to expect your partner to instinctively know how to navigate the birth process. Questions like when to head to the hospital, whether the contractions will intensify, and how to find comfort amidst the disruptions can be overwhelming. Simply being reassured by your partner that everything will be fine may not be convincing. Having a trustworthy individual to support and guide you through the birth experience can alleviate stress for everyone involved. It's beneficial to have someone knowledgeable about childbirth present during the early stages of labor to assist you and allow your partner to rest if necessary.

I have a midwife. Why do I need a doula?

Your midwife and/or doctor is a regulated care provider. They will come to your birth when it is time for you to be monitored by a medical professional. Often this is in active labour (after 4 cm). Most first-time parents have a long early first stage. During this time they are left on their own. When the midwives are at your birth they will be focused on charting and monitoring the birth process. They will not be staying up all night giving you hip squeezes making sure your partner is fed and has had a break.

Another bonus to a doula is they will bring tools to your birth like the TENS machine, Rebozo, and sometimes a birth pool. Some doulas offer postpartum doula support, which means they come after your birth to help with basic cleaning, breastfeeding, and help you in the early days with all the new activities around caring for a newborn.

I am sure you are wondering what are some questions you can ask your doula when you interview them to make sure you pick the right one. Here is another post outlining some things to think about before interviewing doulas.

Do you want someone who follows a similar style to the Bloom classes? Here is a link to the doulas who work closely with us.


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