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How to become a birth photographer?

Vancouver Birth Photographer Apple Blossom Families


What does your birth photographer mentorship include?

If you are looking to find a birth photographer mentor you have come to the right place. Morag Hastings has years of experience in the birth industry. She actively photographs 40-50 births each year and works as both a doula and photographer in Vancouver, BC Canada. Morag was one of the original birth photographers who worked endlessly to make birth photography what it is today. To find out more check out her mentorship page. ~ This article covers, in detail, what is included in the Apple Blossom Families Birth Photography One Year Mentorship. ~

One Year Mentorship with Apple Blossom Families~ We will start off by seeing if we are a good match for each other. I prefer my mentees to have attended at least two births and to have basic photographic knowledge. You will need some basic professional gear and a deep interest in creating lasting memories for birthing families. The biggest value of this mentorship is that you get full access to all of my knowledge for a one year period. You will have access to me on-call to ask any questions that you may have about birth, photography, business, life with three kids... you ask it, I will answer you. I am an open book. You don't have to work through forums and social networks to find out what the right answer is, you just ask and you are given the information. You will have access to me, day or night, to answer your questions. If you are editing and are unsure of how to achieve good results you text me, if I am available, I will walk you through the process. If you are at a birth and your camera is doing something funky you just text and I will help you troubleshoot. Over the years of shooting births, I have learned that you should always expect that something unpredictable will happen.

Vancouver Birth Photographer Apple Blossom Families

Birth Photography Mentorship Sessions~ In our first session we will start with the basics to make sure you have the right equipment and know-how to be a positive presence in the birth world. Our first session will include:

  1. Shooting including what gear do you need

  2. What to pack in your bag

  3. Picking your exposure

  4. White Balance

  5. Shooting in low light

  6. When to use flash

  7. How to adjust to change in light

  8. Moving your camera angle to hide naked body parts strategically

  9. Working with different care providers.

Our second session will help set you up to run your business smoothly from the start. I will teach you everything I have learned over the years running a successful birth photography business. Included in this session:

  1. Workflow from the moment you step out the door to delivering the clients images

  2. Working with Lightroom

  3. Organizing files for long-term business success

  4. Backing up your images

  5. Delivering client files

  6. Products

  7. Contracts

  8. Bookkeeping

  9. Client record keeping.

The third session we go over everything with post-processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Our third session includes:

  1. Editing in Photoshop for maximum control over your images

  2. Cropping

  3. Retouching

  4. Picking images for your client's gallery

  5. Watermarking

  6. Save settings for both web and print

  7. Advanced techniques so you don't have to use presets you will be in control of your images and the final products

Our last formal session is all about the portfolio review.

  1. What makes a good image?

  2. Choosing the best images for your clients

  3. Sharing images on social media

  4. What do people look for when hiring a birth photographer?

  5. How to price yourself to make a profit

  6. Client meetings

  7. How to make yourself stand out in your community

HOW MUCH IS THE BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY MENTORING PROGRAM? The mentoring program is $250 per month for one year. This includes 4- 3 hour online mentoring sessions plus mentoring for a one year period. After the one year period, you have the option of an add-on advanced birth photography mentoring program, birth doula mentorship and/or video editing. You will also have the option to be listed on the Apple Blossom Families website for an additional fee.

Questions? If you have more questions about becoming a birth photographer please don't hesitate to reach out. Please fill out the application on this page to apply for Apple Blossom Families Birth Photographer Mentor program. There are limited spots available throughout the year. Potential mentees must have attended at least two births. They must have or be willing to purchase professional quality photography equipment.


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