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Meet Frank - Breech Birth Story

Two years ago in Vancouver, BC I attended a beautiful fast home water birth that was quick and powerful. I was contacted  about 8 months ago to document this families second birth. There is nothing better then getting to attend a clients birth for the second time, especially when the first baby is all grown up!

A day before her 40 week date, I got a call at 2:21 am. Sweetly the mom requested that I come soon as her waves had started one hour before, they were still spaced but they were definitely baby bringing surges. Her husband was filling the pool and the midwife was on her way. I headed over to find her in her bedroom rocking on her ball surrounded by her beautiful art.

Baby Frank was in a frank breech position. No one had any idea at all that this sneaky little guy was head up. The midwives handled the birth beautifully, they were both calm and very hands off. It was beautiful to witness.


All images by Morag Hastings with Apple Blossom Families.

A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.

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