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Speed Dating with Vancouver Doulas

Vancouver Speed Dating Doulas

Birth by Bloom has Speed Dating with Doulas, the online version. Meet many doulas in one night from the comfort of your home. Let us find the doulas who have space for you and are a good match.

What is Speed Dating Doulas?

Researching and interviewing a few different doulas is very time-consuming. Do you want to get a feel for what a doula does without the commitment? Are you wondering if a doula is right for your family?

Join us to learn how a doula can support your family while meeting a few different doulas in one evening to see if you can find the right one for you.

We will meet online from the comfort of your home. The evening will consist of an introduction to what doulas do, then quick 15-minute interviews with multiple doulas in our community. No commitment is necessary.

When is the next Vancouver Speed Dating with Doulas Event?

Our next event happens on April 2, from 7 pm -9 pm Online.

Our speed dating night is open to people who are birthing all over the Lower Mainland of BC. Canada.

You can join us at any time during your pregnancy. Hiring a doula early on in your pregnancy is highly recommended. It will give you time to get to know your doula.

If you are a local doula who wants to join the doula speed dating night. Please email us at to receive a package.

What people are saying...
As future parents, we are so busy preparing everything for our baby's arrival that it can be extremely overwhelming so this is a great way for parents to learn more about the doulas overall as well as meet the ones that potentially are matching our criteria and available for the due date. What a great idea!
Speed Dating with Doulas was really great! Such a nice way to easily meet with doulas who are also interested in connecting with you. Looking for a doula can feel quite overwhelming because so much is about how you connect together. The experience did provide the opportunity to get a 'vibe' and go by instinct. Thanks for hosting, Morag! We'd definitely recommend for anyone considering a doula!
Great way to meet multiple doulas. Gave me a good sense of community and connection and eased my discomfort about "online-dating" :P

Questions to ask your doula during the speed dating night?

Feel free to come without preparing for the session. Your meeting will often develop naturally. If you want to brainstorm questions before the event here is a list of common questions to pick from.

Are you a birth doula, postpartum doula, or both?

Why did you become a doula?

What training have you done?

How do you most often support women in labour?

How do you describe your doula style?

What are your fees?

What is included in your doula package?

Have you attended births at my birth location and what were your experiences there?

At what point in labour would you join us? How should I contact you during labour and at what point? Is it okay if it’s in the middle of the night? Are you always on call?

Do you stay for the entire labour and birth, or do you have a time limit for long births?

How do you work with a midwife or doctor?

Are you comfortable attending a birth at the hospital I am birthing at?

Do you have a backup doula?

How do you feel about pain medication?

Have you supported home births?

How will you support my partner through this process?

Do you have experience with breastfeeding instruction?

Do you offer any additional services, such as placenta encapsulation?

Will we meet for prenatal visits before the birth, and what is included in those visits?

When do you consider yourself "on-call" 24/7 for my birth? If there is a window of call time, what happens if I deliver before that time frame begins?

Will you come to me whenever I need you in labour, or is your support only available after a certain point in the process?

Will we meet postpartum, and what is included in those visits?

Questions for yourself?

'Every person should have a doula at their birth, but not every doula is the right fit for your birth. '

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself after each interview. It is good to have a pen and paper ready so you can take some notes during the doula interviews. Then you can look back at your notes.

Did I feel a connection?

What does my overall intuition say?

Did you feel that the doula was really listening to you during the interview?

Did you feel comfortable with them? Could you have them in your space for 24 hours?

Did they seem compassionate?

Did they ask you any questions?

Did you feel the doula was interested in you and what you wanted?

Did they communicate well?

Did they seem knowledgeable?

Did their views on pregnancy, childbirth and medical care align with your own?

Did they take the time to answer all of your questions or did you feel rushed?

What did your intuition say?

Who is the right doula to nurture and support my family through this process?

Remember, the purpose of the interview is to see if a particular doula is a good fit for your family. It is also to see if your family is a good fit for the doula. Sometimes you're just not compatible, and that's OK.

If you are a local doula who wants to join the speed dating with doulas night. Please email us at to receive a package.

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