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Labour Tips for Partners During Labour

We've got you covered with Birth By Bloom's Labour tips for Partners. Read our top 10 suggestions to be the best support person during birth. If you need a reminder when you are supporting your partner during labour, refer to this blog post on how to support your partner during birth. Take a picture of this page or save it to your phone. This will help you decide what to do next.

Labour tips for Partners Birth By Bloom

Top 10 Helpful Reminders for Birth Partners

1. Protect privacy, turn off phones, close doors, restrict visitors. Birth is not ‘a

happening’; the birthing person is not a party hostess.

2. Observe/anticipate the birthing person's needs. Don’t ask too many questions.

Especially during the contraction.

3. Respectful silence, or talk to her slowly, softly during contractions. Use non-verbal


4. It is ok to not do anything, just be present and ready if they need something.

5. Suggest bath or shower, change in position, walking, voiding.

6. Remember the # 1 Dancing Star Birth Rule: Do not offer your partner drugs. If they

want pain relief they will ask for it.

7. Use encouraging words like “you are amazing”, “you are doing it”, “this will not last


8. Encourage sips of a nutritive drink, at least 4 oz an hour. Choose coconut water, tea with honey, juice mixed with water, sports drinks (not just water/ice chips).

9. If you need a break, ask someone to help so you can take a breather and come

back. You need to eat, hydrate and rest as well to be a good support person.

10. Wear the hide of an encyclopedia salesperson—don’t take any rejection or reaction personally!

If this feels a bit too much for you maybe you want to hire a doula. Here is a post that explains what a doula does and how you can pick one.

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