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Having a baby? The Best Hospital Bag List for Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver's Prenatal Class, Birth By Bloom, has created the master list of what to pack in your hospital bag when you are going to have your baby. Of course, we have added some hot tips to make sure you have everything prepared and there are no surprises. This hospital packing list for pregnant people is specific for birthing in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC .

Vancouver Pregnancy Tips Vancouver

Labour Support Kit

You should pack two bags, one for your labour and one for after. Leave the after bag in the car so you have less to look after when you are in the hospital. I suggest making a list of any last-minute things that need to be added to the bag. You will not be in a thinking mode when you head out the door. Note: If you are planning a home birth, you would be well advised to pack a small bag for the hospital just in case, so you can focus on what’s important rather than packing.

What to pack for the hosptial

Snacks and Drinks

❏ Dried fruit, Nuts (almonds are wonderful for calcium and protein)

❏ Energy bars

❏ Oatmeal packages

❏ Broth soup - bone broth, miso soup etc.

❏ Hydrating Drinks - Coconut water, teas, Gatorade

Hospital Comfort

❏ Nightgown (comfy, easy access...) and bathrobe

❏ Slip-on slippers

❏ Nursing bra & breast pads

❏ Socks (several pairs)

❏ Underwear

❏ Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, lip balm, hair ties

❏ Comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to wear back home

❏ Partner; Extra clothes, swimsuit, warm hoodie/sweater, toothbrush etc.

❏ Extra pillow or two

❏ Camera/phone - make sure to bring the charging cable

❏ Music Playlist/ Speaker - both clam and energetic

❏ Refillable water bottle and optional reusable coffee mugs

For Baby

❏ Going home outfit for baby

❏ 2-3 Receiving blankets

❏ Baby socks & hat

❏ Diapers

❏ Baby car seat - optional installed Car Seat Technicians

Birth Plan List

What to Have at Home - home or hospital birth

You will likely spend some time at home in early labour. Here is a list of things that are handy to have on hand for your early labour. Get a basket, fill it up so your support team can find what they need.

What to pack for the hospital Vancouver

❏ Physio Ball with a flat sheet tied around it so it doesn’t roll

❏ Lovely massage oil (lavender, orange oil, peppermint oil are the favourites)

❏ TENS machine

❏ A light blanket that can be washed

❏ Extra towels that can get stained

❏ Clean/new face cloths

❏ 2 Metal or plastic bowls

❏ Plastic table cloth or waterproof drop sheet

❏ BENDY STRAW - Not metal!!!!!

❏ A large pack of extra-large overnight pads (not “dry weave”)

❏ Box of panty liners

❏ Baby wipes

❏ Nipple Cream - Lansinoh

❏ Mother’s Milk tea

❏ Witch hazel & cotton balls (soothes & shrinks hemorrhoids)

First Meal

Don't forget about your first meal!!! Time to think about what you will want to be delivered to the hospital after your baby arrives. Lucky for us in Vancouver we have many food delivery services so you can choose anything you want! Treat yourself to your favourite meal you just had a baby. :)

Ready to do more shopping? Dancing Star Birth has the ultimate baby essential guide for your newborn baby. Check out the blog post here.


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